Feline love

New project! This time I decided to try something a little bit more challenging… This is my first time using 18 count Aida which is not plain white, it’s ivory. It’s supposed to be 17 cm x 12 cm. The only difference I can tell so far is the size: a lot more stitches but a lot smaller, so my feeling of achieving is also smaller, sadly 😦 oh! The needle is also smaller, and fragile, I hope I don’t break it!
Happy stitching!



Looks like I’m finally getting somewhere… The good thing is that it’s mostly half stitch, so at least it’s a bit faster than normal… The bad thing is that it’s so easy to mess up!



This is taking longer than I thought…



About edekramer

I have recently discovered the fascinating world of cross stitching and decided to share it with whoever has an interest in it as well. Enjoy and happy stitching!
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10 Responses to Feline love

  1. Marc-André says:

    Oh I love that one 🙂

  2. Don’t feel bad if you break the needle. I have a bad habit of either bending mine or snapping it at the eye. I just keep several on hand in different sizes so I can just re thread a new needle and keep in stitching!

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